Our company is Coffee business company which produces or imports and sells coffee things as well as teaware as COMAC brand also Our company has concentrated on developing new technology since its founding in 1991.                                              

Our company can not produce all the products from one manufactory because of a variety of items and standard.

Therefore, our company has tried to find suitable manufactory to make each product flawlessly and inexpensively in lots of ways, so now we have gotten international competitiveness in this field by building Global network system.

Also, Our ability to make new product through Global information Infra have gotten efficient system which can satisfy our any customers.

Our primary market is Coffee industry, department and discount store, gift articles market. If you have any interesting in our products, Please contact us anytime, our company promises that we will provide more information and high-quality service for you.

Coffee Product Business Team: TEL)02-522-6147~8 FAX) 02-522-6149

E-mail) woodoh@korea.com

Better life with Comac

Comac is Coffee and Tea Making Utensil Business Company, and Its name the compound word "COMAC" is formed from the words "coffee" and "maniac".

Since its founding in 1991, under slogan "Relaxation of Life with COMAC" As a result of company steadily concentrating on value enhancing, Now our company which cooperates with over 10 domestic and foreign factories holds a dominant position on international competitiveness by building Global OEM manufacturing system.

Brand Marketing Strategy of Comac is "High Quality with Middle Price", that is to say "Supplying high quality product at a reasonable price".